New Orleans

What to do in New Orleans besides Bourbon Street

New Orleans… where the streets are paved with food!

As an avid traveler, I always enjoy the excitement that a new culture and new area can offer a person, and New Orleans wasn’t any different. When I had the opportunity to lose myself in New Orleans for the weekend, I just couldn’t resist. Because it was a last minute decision and the Saints were playing at the Superdome, I opted for a hotel stay at the Westin New Orleans Canal Place, one of my favorite Marriotts.

With only a full day to conquer the city, I knew I was there for one thing… food.

Oh Brunch, How I Love Thee.

Louisiana has this way with food, and their brunch is no exception. Friday morning began with The Ruby Slipper Cafe‘s Bacon-Infused Vodka Bloody Mary because how could I resist! Known for their delicious Bloody Mary’s, The Ruby Slipper Cafe has created their own spicy homemade bloody mary mix which prepares your tastebuds for more of that Louisiana spice when the food comes.

I could have drank those Bloody Marys all day, but my stomach was craving some of their Benedicts. From a Hot-Smoked Salmon Benedict, that hosts salmon on top of their delicious buttermilk biscuits, to The Trifecta which shows off their Eggs Cochon, Chicken St. Charles, and Shrimp Boogaloo Benedicts, the Ruby Red Slipper Cafe is an egg lover’s dream. I opted for the Eggs Blackstone Benedict which has applewood smoked bacon and a grilled tomato on it, clearly showing I was in a bacon mood that morning.

Eggs Blackstone at The Ruby Red Slipper Cafe.

With my appetite satisfied, I headed out to explore what New Orleans had to offer on a Friday afternoon.

French Quarter. Jackson Square.

Walking off the well worth it calories from The Ruby Red Slipper Cafe, I made my way through the French Quarter, stopping in antique shops and gift shops along the way. My favorite unique souvenir I was able to pick up was a signed copy of a cookbook by Poppy Tooker called Drag Queen Brunch. CLEARLY I was still reminiscing about the brunch I just finished, but this cookbook included both food and drinks for me to (attempt to) make when I made it back home and the photographs alone are well worth the price tag! From information about the fabulous New Orleans’ drag queens, to some of their favorite dishes and drinks, this cookbook has it all.

After stopping at a few stores here and there, I finally made it to Jackson Square. Located in the French Quarter, Jackson Square is not only historically significant, but also currently hosts local artists as a place to immerse yourself in the culture. From the Mississippi River right across the street, to the beautiful Saint Louis Cathedral at the other end, and all the artists surrounding the square, Jackson Square is a hub for all things New Orleans.

The Virginia Getaway

I know I am guilty of it, and I am sure you are too. I was constantly checking my emails, staring at a screen, and just obsessed with technology. I needed to unplug and unwind, but I could not seem to find a way to do so… until I found this precious gem. While searching VRBO one hectic morning in rush hour traffic, I found my solution to truly disconnect… an adorable farmhouse cottage in Onancock Virginia. One quick click and I was finally going to get some time to destress.

I showed up this cottage well into the evening, tired and just ready to lay down. The owners had no problem with my late arrival, and everything was labeled for me to help me feel right at home. I was eager to see what the next morning had in store for me, but upon arrival I headed straight up the first bedroom I saw and was fast asleep.

Onancock Virginia Rental

My first morning at this place felt like (pardon the cliché but) a Nicholas Sparks novel. The sunrise softly entered the cottage, showing off the beautiful naval decor of the home. I poured my first cup of coffee for the morning and sat on the inside porch (pictured below) watching the locals head out of the marina to go crabbing for the day. The neighbors smiled and said hello as they went for their morning walks, making me feel like I had lived there my whole life. I didn’t want to leave that inside porch for hours as I sat sipping coffee and reading the books I brought along… for once I felt was disconnected and it was exactly what I needed to unwind.

Inside porch of the cottage. The loveseat faces the quaint marina across the street.

After drinking nearly an entire pot of coffee, I knew I needed to shake my legs loose and put on my running shoes to check out the local area.

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