The East Point Farmhouse Retreat

I know I am guilty of it, and I am sure you are too. I was constantly checking my emails, staring at a screen, and just obsessed with technology. I needed to unplug and unwind, but I could not seem to find a way to do so… until I found this precious gem. While searching VRBO one hectic morning in rush hour traffic, I found my solution to truly disconnect… an adorable farmhouse retreat in Onancock Virginia. One quick click and I was finally going to get some time to destress.

I showed up to the East Point Farmhouse well into the evening, tired and just ready to lay down. The owners had no problem with my late arrival, and everything was labeled for me to help me feel right at home. I was eager to see what the next morning had in store for me, but upon arrival I headed straight up the first bedroom I saw and was fast asleep.

The East Point Farmhouse

My first morning at this place felt like (pardon the cliché but) a Nicholas Sparks novel. The sunrise softly entered the farmhouse, showing off the beautiful naval decor of the home. I poured my first cup of coffee for the morning and sat on the inside porch (pictured below) watching the locals head out of the marina to go crabbing for the day. The neighbors smiled and said hello as they went for their morning walks, making me feel like I had lived there my whole life. I didn’t want to leave that inside porch for hours as I sat sipping coffee and reading the books I brought along… for once I felt I was disconnected and it was exactly what I needed to unwind.

Inside porch of the farmhouse. The loveseat faces the quaint marina across the street.

After drinking nearly an entire pot of coffee, I knew I needed to get some sort of exercise in. For guests that stay at the farmhouse, they offer both bikes and kayaks to use! I quickly grabbed a kayak and a life vest, and just walked it a few steps to the marina, and within two minutes I was in the water. Because the farmhouse is bay side, I didn’t have to worry about waves, and instead I had an amazing morning enjoying the sights and sounds of nature around me.


I returned to the farmhouse, craving some local seafood. The farmhouse does provide crab traps for guests to catch their own, but I’m not the best chef, so I decided to hop into my Jeep and head to a restaurant that specializes in local cuisine.

Island House Restaurant and Marina, located on the water in beautiful Wachapreague was exactly what I wanted. Their lunch menu included a little bit of everything, and I couldn’t wait to try their oysters. Even though it was lunchtime and sunny, the breeze made it a comfortable cool, and the patio was the perfect place to watch the boats come in and out of the marina.

Upon my return to the farmhouse, I quickly put on my running shoes and set out for a sunset run in the neighborhood. The community is set on a point, creating an easy loop to explore. From a private beach in the neighborhood, to the marina, to stopping in the middle of the road to watch two fawns cross, I embraced the slower lifestyle and was consumed by appreciation for the mental retreat.

After sunset, I spent my night with a glass of Blue Crab Bay Co. Bloody Mary (a local’s favorite bloody mary mix) and vodka, a novel, and a newfound energy. The East Point Farmhouse allowed me to disconnect from technology, and reconnect with nature in the most Eastern Shore way possible. I look forward to booking with these owners in the future, the next time I need a break.

Sunset at the East Point Private Beach

**If interested in booking at East Point Farmhouse please email me at to connect you to the owners, OR find them on VRBO with Property #1623379 OR email them at for a discounted rate! Happy renting!

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