A Lit’l Bit O’ Heaven And A Lot of Nature

As 2020 has been a whirlwind, I have found tranquility and comfort in staying in vacation rentals across the country as I road trip anywhere willing to accept us. As I sought refuge from Hurricane Laura, I stumbled upon a rental that was close enough for me to drive straight to, but also out of the storm’s path. What I thought was going to be a nice place to lay my head and stretch my legs for a few days, turned into a destination that I can’t help but dream of whenever life seems to get carried away.

I came across Doug and Royce’s Lit’l Bit O’ Heaven when searching for vacation rentals located in Westminster, South Carolina. It’s nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, provides quick access to local hiking trails and waterfalls, while also dog friendly and private. As someone who was fleeing a storm, was spending hours driving in a Jeep, and in desperate need of nature, I figured their cabin might just do the trick!

Words failed me upon initial arrival to their rental. A dirt road lead me to a very private setting, where I was overcome with the sights and sounds of the nature that surrounded me. Opening the cabin door, I instantly felt at ease. From the kitchen mat to the fireplace, the cabin provided a rustic embrace that went above all of expectations. The owners, Doug and Royce, had thought of everything to make their guests feel comfortable. From local coffee grounds provided for your morning brew, to a binder full of every question/concern/appliance operation anyone would ever need, I felt like I was able to relax and not worry about a thing.

I spent the first night of my stay sipping a glass of red wine and flipping through their binder, discovering exactly which hiking trails and waterfalls I wanted to explore the next day with my dogs. With no concerns on the horizon, and a comfy king size bed all to myself, it wasn’t long till I fast asleep.

The smell of the local coffee brewing in the kitchen lead me to finally waking up from my slumber. I spent the morning awaiting for the caffeine to work its magic as I sat on the back porch reading a new novel. The dogs and I enjoyed the sights and sounds of the wildlife right off the porch, and eventually I knew we had to go see the local trails.

Our first trail was to the Issaqueena Falls Stumphouse Tunnel, a quick scenic drive away. Unfortunately, the waterfall trail (usually a big hit in the area) was closed, but the dogs and I were able to go explore the trail to the tunnel! Surrounded by nature, the dogs and I had no issues with the trail’s difficulty, and we never ran into other trail enthusiasts while on it. The weather was perfect the entire time, and I was just so happy that the dogs were able to stretch their legs and explore the area, especially after such a long road trip the day before.

Issaqueena Falls Stumphouse Tunnel

For our next hiking adventure, I opted for the one that was just down the road from Lit’l Bit O’ Heaven. Since it was a weekday, the dogs and I were blessed again with being able to explore the waterfalls and trails without any other hikers! Unlike Issaqueena, Chau Ram’s waterfalls are right next to the parking lot, providing an amazing photo op the second you step out of the vehicle. The dogs and I did however want to explore more of the park, so we set out for the trails.

We followed the Orange Loop trail through Chau Ram, which was easy and scenic! From the rapids, waterfalls, and bridge, the Orange Loop trail allowed us to experience it all.

Orange Loop Trail at Chau Ram

What began as a safe place for us to escape from a storm, lead to a nature filled experience I already miss! Our quaint cabin gave me the mental break I needed to escape from the storm as well as everything that has been 2020. Doug and Royce provide a place that allows you to explore the local waterfalls and trails, while at the same time never really wanting to leave the comfort and rustic getaway that the cabin delivers. I left the cabin already planning the next time I get to return.

** If interested in staying at Lit’l Bit O’ Heaven in Westminster South Carolina please find them at airbnb.com/h/Rocky-Top-Lodge, airbnb.com/h/The-Farm-House, OR contact Doug and Royce via phone at (864) 345-0580.

Published by NAEstrada

I spend my days traveling and exploring new locations, and I spend my nights reading with my dogs curled up at my feet.

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