The Metompkin Retreat

I’ll be honest. Something about the Eastern Shore of Virginia makes me feel like myself again. The ability and willingness to disconnect from my phone and laptop, the fishing town vibe of the area, and the freedom of the local wildlife, help put me at ease the second I drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and onto the Eastern Shore.

Last time I was on the Eastern Shore I stayed at the East Point Farmhouse and had the best time reconnecting with myself and disconnecting from the rest of the world. This time however, I decided to stay on the sea side of the Eastern Shore at a the stunning Metompkin Retreat in Parksley, Virginia.

The Metompkin Retreat

Upon arrival to the Metompkin Retreat I was honestly surprised by the location. Parksley is a quaint farm town, and the roads were lined with corn fields, until the view opened up to this quiet street. With only eight houses along the Metompkin Bay, I knew at once that this weekend would grant me the opportunity to get lost in nature and forget about the daily grind that I was desperately trying to escape.

As if the view wasn’t enough for me to fall in love with this house, the eclectic furniture and art pieces definitely did the trick! From the peacock-styled loft master bedroom and bathroom, to the Bali figures that protected the house located in the living room, I felt like I was staying in another world. The main floor meets the outdoors by the wall of windows and sliding glass doors, leading out to a back porch that is second to none. As the sun began to dip into the horizon, I uncorked a bottle of red wine and sat on the back porch, letting the day lead into the night with ease.

Back Porch Views at the Metompkin Retreat

Although the interior of the Metompkin Retreat is exquisite, the second the Sun began peaking over the horizon, I knew I wanted to be outside. The private dock right out the back door is perfect for crabbing, fishing, birdwatching, and even kayaking. I quickly borrowed one of the vacation rental’s kayaks and life vest, dropped it off the dock, and set out to discover what wildlife awaited me in the marsh and all of the creeks within it.

Kayaking at The Metompkin Retreat

From fish, crabs, turtles, and birds, I saw a multitude of wildlife while paddling through the creeks. The owners of the retreat recommend a beach just a quick fifteen minute kayak trip away, but I chose to navigate through the variety of creeks located within the marsh, mainly out of curiosity and stubbornness. The Metompkin Retreat is sea side, creating endless adventure with the paddle in my hand, but after a few hours kayaking, I headed back to the house to avoid low tide. As soon as I was back inside the house, I swapped my bathing suit and life vest for my running attire and shoes, and set out to explore the local farm roads by foot.

As an avid runner, I had no problem getting lost on the roads. From corn fields, to soy fields, to beautiful Virginia farmhouses, I loved that I was able to run the roads, unconcerned with passing vehicles, since they are used to tractors and field equipment meandering along, and waved to me as they passed. The friendliness of the locals eased my mind, and made me feel like my presence on their roads was anything but a hindrance. Eventually, I headed back to the vacation rental, my stomach craving food, and my muscles needing a break.

Once again my poor cooking skills defeated me, and I succumbed to finding a local spot for my dinner. Last time I was on the Eastern Shore, I heard about a local winery in Bloxom, that I knew I wanted to try. The Bistro in Bloxom is open Friday through Sunday for dinner, serves amazing pizzas, and lets their wine flow. Normally I would insert a picture of their delicious meal, but my appetite and love of wine got the best of me, and I forgot to snap a picture or two, so hopefully that speaks volumes enough about their atmosphere and cuisine. I corked my bottle of wine and enjoyed the drive back to the Metompkin Retreat before calling it a night.

The rest of the weekend I fell into the same routine. Watching the sunrise while enjoying a cup of coffee, enjoying a trip on the kayak, running the farm roads, and spending the evenings wrapped in a throw, sipping a glass of wine and reading a book. Although there is Wifi and a television at the Metompkin Retreat, I chose to keep the laptop packed away, and never found a reason to turn on the television. Everything I needed to see was right out the back door, and it gave me the opportunity to truly retune my energy to my desired frequency. By the end of my stay, I felt rejuvenated and ready to once again face the grind.

Driving away with the Metompkin Retreat in my rearview mirror, and the rows of corn in front of me, I knew that the Eastern Shore hadn’t seen the last of me.

**If interested in booking at The Metompkin Retreat please email me at to connect you to the owners, OR find them on VRBO with Property #1443708 OR email them at for a discounted rate! Happy renting!

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